iPhone 5 arrived too late for me

The wait for the new Apple iPhone 5 is over, but the quest for a new, reliable and feature-laden “smart phone” ended for me over a month ago.

After seeing the remarkable reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S III, I took a hands-on test at a local T-Mobile store. It was probably the only time that I’ve spent 90 minutes at a store, carefully examining something, outside of buying a car.

All I have to say is, that Samsung has won the game of numbers, despite the lawsuit it was hit with, due to the remarkable quality of its product. The phone is lightweight, ultra sharp, responsive and full of features.

As an Android device, it steers away from the clasp that Apple imposes on its hardware – a deciding factor for me as for many others. Even the battery can be swapped out, if needed, something that no iPhone can boast; you’d need a visit to your local Apple store for that.

The price was hard to beat, despite having to commit with T-Mobile for two years. I’ve been using them for the past decade, so why not.

If you still want an iPhone, I can’t stop you. It’s a great phone. If you need a better phone, however, get a Galaxy S III.


  1. After reading article http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/11/us-apple-trademark-idUSBRE88A0IW20120911 I bought today my Samsung phone as well. I used to love Apple, but … not anymore …

  2. Aron - Tablets.com says

    I bought the S III too.
    I like it so far.
    Good phone.

  3. The iPhone 5 doesn’t look like a worthy upgrade from a 4S. If you’re shopping for a smart phone for the first time, it’s a different story. Still, I recommend the Galaxy. My biggest concern initially was its size, but it’s not humongous and one gets used to it very soon, then you can’t put it down. 🙂

  4. Come on it’s an Iphone, you have to love it. If you don’t buy one people won’t like you. Steve Jobs won’t like you. We know you have to have an Iphone 5. It has Siri. It has Icloud. Go buy an Iphone 5. Your spouse wants one!


  5. Had a iphone 4 was great at the time , purchssed a Galaxy s3 and like it more.
    Still like my imac and ipad.

  6. Samsung s3 is great. You can pick up 2 batteries and a charger for about $30 on ebay so you never run out of juice. Also using the phone as a wifi hotspot feature at the hotel to avoid the internet “in room” charge was great. It’s also big enough to actually surf online or return an email. nice.

  7. I understand people who prefers iPhone. But I really don’t understand people that buys Macbook.
    It’s senseless as it’s PC architecture, has extremly limited operating system, has the world’s worst ergonomy and worst perpherals.
    Small keyboard with even smaller keys and spaces between them is horrible, you have like 1/2 character rate during writting.
    Touchpad is crap, I make Minesweeper Expert in less then 60 seconds and I make about 180 totally precise clicks during that time. You can’t match that with touchpad, nor you can with that glass apple mouse.
    That mouse is ridiculous, 1 cm height is ergonomy suicide. Virtual scroll wheel is useless. For 60 eur which it cost I have Logitech G500 with 5700 DPI black laser (works perfect even on transparent glass), 10 fully programable buttons, 2 mode scroll wheel, macros ….

    And I’m not talking about prices. Friend wanted to upgrade memory to his older macbook, RAM module with Apple badge – 90 eur,
    Way better Kingston RAM module with 4 year guarantee cost 28 eur.

    Main problem of Apple isn’t price as usually it’s bought by poor people trying to look cool.
    Really, most rich people buy what they need and prefer. Poor people save money and then spend it on iPhone and everytime they’re in restaurant or caffee, they put it on table so everybody will see how cool ELITE they are. And nobody gives a damn but they don’t recognize it.
    Most Apple owners in my country has 30 eur shoes and 5 eur T-shirt.
    My shoes cost almost as much as iPhone.

    Problem is that Apple is focused on design, not functionality. They try to pretent Apple users are successful elite. But if one wants to be successful, he needs to produce something and working on devices has to be efficient. Ergonomy of Apple is total failure that makes among with limited software for MacOS makes any serious work behind it ineffective.

  8. I bought the S III too.
    Fantastic phone and although I’ve had it only 2 months it’s now irreplaceable.
    Hell I even use it to provide my internet connection now~ so easy to do as you can set up a portable wi fi hotspot or a tethered connection in seconds.

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