Just completed my first sale via the Intenet Traffic platform

I’ve been using Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic platform since after TRAFFIC 2012, and today I can announce my first sale that was achieved using the sales platform.

While I managed the sale myself, without the use of a broker, the platform’s messaging system and ability to track a variety of metrics greatly assisted in this sale.

The agreement was achieved on November 6th, but the buyer was extremely slow in completing their part of the deal; it took them two weeks to provide payment via Escrow.com.

Still, communication was maintained using the Internet Traffic web platform and I am definitely happy with the result. The $x,xxx sale was void of any commission, which would have been a hefty 15%-20% had I used Sedo.

For more info on the sale you should keep an eye on DNJournal next week. 🙂




  1. Hey Acro,

    Congrats on the sale! I just recently started using Internet Traffic as well and so far I am impressed. I am, of course, handling the brokering myself, but even if I wasn’t the broker commissions are very fair.

    Congrats again, I’ll keep an eye on DNJ. 😉

    Michael Conner

  2. Michael – Thanks, and I agree: if one chooses one of the capable brokers listed at the Internet Traffic platform, commission is very fair indeed. Wishing you best of success!

  3. Story never happened without a domain name.


  4. Matt – Keep your eyes peeled for DNJournal next Wednesday.

  5. Congrats on the sale. Curious how many times did you go back and fourth with the buyer and how far apart were you before you came to a price agreement.

  6. Very satisfied IT client here. The interface is intuitive, user friendly and everyone over there is a true professional. Frank has simplified the process even for the newbie domainer. I have seen 4x the amount of parking revenue and inquiries since coming over.

    Keep it up IT! Good post Acro.

  7. Congratulations, Acro! Internet Traffic is also working for me right now. The choice to do it yourself or sell via a broker is great. Looking forward to many more sales in 2013. All the best.

  8. WeBuyThe.Com – The buyer accepted my ‘minimum’ selling price, which was about 10x on their initial offer via the DNS form. Once I quoted my asking price, he accepted it four days later. They are based in Asia so time difference slowed down communication at some point.

  9. Congrats Theo.
    Just wondering. Did they make an offer first or they expressed an interest and then you requested an initial offer?
    I am only seeing expressions of interest and I after I request an offer I don’t hear back. Would it be better to just send my price? What do you think?
    I would love to hear from Frank as he has more experience on his system. 🙂

  10. Kosta – They expressed interest and asked for a price quote; at the same time, they placed an offer below a ‘reserve’ price. My sales price was 10x of that initial offer.

    Instead of requesting an offer, how about sending a quote? This way they have a number that you are comfortable with. Remember: you don’t have to sell unless the offer is right. 🙂

  11. So it was Salarium.com. Just noticed it at dnjournal.
    I had never heard this word before.
    Nice sale.

  12. Kostas – Thanks, nice spotting. 😉 The Roman soldiers were often paid in salt, it was a form of coinage for the Roman legions. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salary#The_Roman_word_salarium

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