Las Vegas is great, TRAFFIC is greater

When I attended TRAFFIC Las Vegas in 2010, it was my first time in Sin City and my second time attending the TRAFFIC domain conference.

Las Vegas kept all of its promises: very little sleeping, lots of drinking and gambling, lots of womanizing. Luckily, that part forever stayed in Vegas!

TRAFFIC kept its promises as well, and although I’ve made it a rule to attend every other year, it’s an opportunity I would advise anyone seriously engaging in domaining and entrepreneurship to seize.

I’ve heard the usual cliche excuses many times before: but the ticket is expensive, but the trip is expensive, but the hotel is expensive – they come from industry amateurs that have full time jobs and domaining to them is a hobby or a pastime. To the rest of us, conference expenses are tax deductible business expenses; just keep hold of every receipt.

For any professional who is actively engaging in technology, content creation, development, advertising and sales, TRAFFIC serves as the ultimate opportunity to meet with other professionals and collaborate in projects.

My most recent experience at TRAFFIC Ft. Lauderdale in October 2012, was the ultimate so far, as it generated new, solid business relationships. I wish I could disclose what I worked on for the past six months or so, but I’m bound to a code of conduct dictated by top business ethics. Still, you might get a glimpse of that work during this TRAFFIC; it’s up to the other party to disclose or not.

To recap: TRAFFIC is a solid domain conference, and a unique opportunity to study, determine and help define business trends. You can be a follower, or a contributor to the next exciting set of things in our industry, you will be both motivated and invigorated – as long as you stay sober in Sin City, Las Vegas.


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