Is there room for 3 domain conferences and 3 licensed escrow companies?

In a recent post about change, I mentioned that it is inevitable and basically unstoppable. The domain industry cannot be an exception, and today's core elements are very different from a decade or even five years ago. Change indicates evolution, either through the adoption of new strategies, … [Read more...]

Las Vegas is great, TRAFFIC is greater

When I attended TRAFFIC Las Vegas in 2010, it was my first time in Sin City and my second time attending the TRAFFIC domain conference. Las Vegas kept all of its promises: very little sleeping, lots of drinking and gambling, lots of womanizing. Luckily, that part forever stayed in … [Read more...]

Things you missed out if you didn’t attend TRAFFIC 2012

I can't believe it's already been a full week since TRAFFIC 2012 opened its gates to hundreds of attendees. This was my 3rd TRAFFIC conference since 2008, and I gained so much from every moment of interactive communication with the domain conference organizers, their exhibitors and fellow … [Read more...]

Time for TRAFFIC to be by invitation only, once again

When Rick Schwartz writes a blog post it's usually some time in the early morning. His unique, direct style is what makes the readers of his blog going back for more. At Rick's blog there's a lot of motivational information, dished with what I'd like to call 'domainer tough love'. Not everyone … [Read more...]

TRAFFIC / Orlando – Day 2 – Keynote speeches

The day started with my usual cup of coffee and a surprisingly smooth commute on Interstate 4. This time around I found my way inside the Disney resorts without getting lost. I managed to arrive about 15 minutes before the sessions would begin. I ran into Donny from who gave me a brief … [Read more...]