1. No question!

    Although I like the new World Trade Center logo, that price tag is an outright absurdity.

    And some of the hidden meanings are embarrassingly trivial and contrived — for instance, the bit about the 17.76 degree slope representing the 1,776-foot height of the new tower.

    How wide would the logo need to be to show even a 1-pixel difference in height between a 17.76 degree angle and a 17.77 degree angle?

    tan (17.76) – tan (17.77) = 0.000192.

    So you’d need a logo 5,208 pixels wide to generate even a 1 pixel difference due to the angle. Basically, the precision in the slope they’re claiming is bogus.

  2. Joseph – Thanks for providing the mathematical proof of this absurdity 😀

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