NamesCon 2015 – The domain industry’s renaissance event

In 2014, NamesCon quietly entered the domain conference arena, with a clear indication of its intentions: to deliver a meaningful, educating conference of substance for domain industry professionals.

By carefully planning this year’s event, Richard Lau and his trusted team of hard-working warriors managed to introduce an entire industry into an era of much needed Renaissance.

NamesCon 2015 delivered substance, content, opportunities and left everyone attending with an unmistakable feeling that they were witnessing creation in the making.

Without revealing the identity of the person who made this statement, I heard the words “this, right here, is the future” from the lips of a domain industry professional known for his firm support of traditional TLDs. The statement was made in reference to the presentation and presence of Uniregistry, known for its consumer-centric marketing campaigns and products.

The euphoria that stems from participating in a moment of creation, acknowledging its impact for the future, is paramount.

NamesCon took an industry on the brink of division, and allowed everyone to contribute their pebble in building something grand; the collective effort of positive energy arising from contribution is what propels humanity forward. The domain industry is redefining itself, almost two decades after its humble formation.

To the team of NamesCon, the event was the labor of love, and a commitment that required great amounts of hard work. It’s not the record-breaking numbers in attendance that define its success, it’s the ability to structure and organize a conference in a way that everyone participating can contribute and benefit from its every moment.

Domain industry professionals deserve to have a conference they can call home, a gathering that promotes growth, opportunities for brainstorming and the sharing of ideas for the future. I am honored to have been a part of this event, and I look forward to the next one in 2016.

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