MERGE! 2018 – My personal experience after attending the conference

I attended MERGE! 2018 in Orlando, for the second time that the conference took place. Attending a local event isn't necessarily an advantage, when one commutes daily to the venue. I spent 45-60 minutes on average getting to the Hilton in the Disney area. I'm certain that those who stayed at the … [Read more...]

Quick survival guide for NamesCon 2017

When Richard Lau launched NamesCon in late 2013, it arrived at the right time. The January 2014 domain conference proved to be a catalyst for the domain industry, and while perfection was not immediately attained, it has been consistently improving its numbers ever since. Before NamesCon 2014, … [Read more...]

NamesCon 2015 – The domain industry’s renaissance event

In 2014, NamesCon quietly entered the domain conference arena, with a clear indication of its intentions: to deliver a meaningful, educating conference of substance for domain industry professionals. By carefully planning this year's event, Richard Lau and his trusted team of hard-working … [Read more...]

The Domain Adventures of Tobby in Domainland – Part 1: The Piranha Pool

Tobby visited for the latest news about the industry. Keeping an eye on his stream of twitter messages, he started typing up the summaries on his blog, that more or less read like this: " sold for $500k on Febo - what a bargain for the 3rd buyer in a row … [Read more...]