NamesCon chatter: Uniregistry listens

The presence of Uniregistry at NamesCon was not decorative; the 17+ staff members were there to listen to both customers and non customers, and improve both the registry and the DNS platform.

Jeff Gabriel, VP of Sales at Domain Name Sales delivered a powerful presentation at NamesCon. Some called it, a “car salesman speech on steroids” as it was definitely aggressive and empowering.

The bottom line is, we all want to achieve a large number of domain sales, and that’s what this was about. Vincent Jacques wrote an extensive article on this presentation, so check it out.

While grabbing a sandwich and a coffee during a break, I mentioned to Jeff a rather annoying issue with offers made at DNS.

An offer for a domain with a reserve price can be followed – ad nauseam – by several subsequent offers. This method is used by the party interested in the domain, in order to speculate on the reserve price, never actually intending to place that high of an offer.

Jeff took a note of my request to limit such serial submissions of offers until a response is issued by the domain owner. His Siri did not cooperate at first, but he did note my request, and I am positive that this change will be implemented very soon at Domain Name Sales.

Jeff’s direct interaction with clients has helped solve issues and resolve glitches in the past as well.

Looking forward to many more improvements from the best domain sales venue in the market.


  1. I would like DNS to implement: that if i have a “minimum offer” on a domain they should not let the client’s e’mail forward to me if the offer it’s less then the”minimum offer”.

    I have inquiries with even $2 when my minimum offer its $2,000.
    In this respect i do like Sedo

    Another thing is that they should be ask for a C.C. when they make an offer this way the client would think twice when they make a $2,000 offer.

    Other than that i’m happy with DNS.

  2. Theo,

    Thank you for writing that about my speech, and our conversation. I have a meeting with development today to submit your and some other suggested improvements. It might be an easy fix, or it could be an immense project to implement. Time will tell!

    “Car salesman speech on steroids” I am not sure if that is a slight, or a compliment…I will take it as a compliment, because many of the best salespeople I have ever met got their start selling cars, or did it for many years.

    At the same time there might be a connotation to being “slick” and potentially not all that trustworthy. From the top, Frank Schilling, all the way down in our organization honesty, integrity and ethics are paramount to anything else. There was nothing that I said in my presentation, or panel that even alluded to a situation where a buyer or a seller could leave anything up to interpretation. It is actually the complete opposite.

    Be professionally visible, be accessible, be knowledgeable, and people can feel that true sincerity. Hide, be unreliable, and ignorant to your industry then you will be unsuccessful.

    Jeffrey M. Gabriel
    Vice President of Sales |
    O: 1-800-818-1828 x 6261
    D: 1-345-623-6261
    S: JeffreyMGabriel

  3. Hi Jeff – I’m pretty sure it was said as a strong compliment. Although there was a lack of Lucra cars on display 😀

    Many thanks for listening to user comments and utilizing our feedback to improve those areas that need some fine-tuning!

  4. Hi Jeffrey,

    When you have a chance, greatly appreciate your comments in considering smaller domain name investors with being accepted into the domain names sales system and platform. Thank you for making note and considering smaller domain name investors.

    As per the earlier days, everyone needs some help growing, domaining included… 🙂

    I was really looking forward to working and using the domain names sales platform. It seems unfortunately, domain names sales is not interested in working with domain name investors who have smaller portfolio’s and collections!

    As per the following communications with domain name sales a few months ago. Even, though it was a smaller group of domain names to test the domaining sales platform, included were some good quality keyword domain names, many short, 2 words, all were (dot).com’s with reasonable search numbers and PPC within Google etc…

    Your request to signup at and has be rejected for the following reasons:

    – Too few domains – we are servicing larger domain portfolios at this time


    Client Support, and

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