New Jersey corporation buys Mass Development domain for $6.75 million

The news floated since just two days ago but it has just been confirmed: Flair Polos – a New Jersey manufacturing corporation with embroidery factories in Taiwan, China and North Korea, purchased for the sum of $6.75 million dollars, in what appears to be the largest sale of 2009.

In a recent article in DNJournal, mass development companies were reviewed by editor Ron Jackson; after reading the news, Flair Polos assessed that none of these companies made the cut when it came down to picking a brand name for mass development. was the sensible choice: keyword relevancy without resorting to black hat SEO – the price was a hefty one, but definitely worth it.

Flair Polos has an annual gross revenue of $2.3 billion dollars, one of the biggest textile exporters to the US from East Asia. The company intends to capitalize on the hot market for mass domain development, which has recently exploded and mass develop web sites for its range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing lines.


  1. That’s insane. Hopefully they can clean up that current version of the site and market it well.

  2. So this would your april fools joke?


    sure…… look here

  4. LOL

  5. That’s great news, I am going to invest all my cash in mass development.

  6. What gets me is how the seller managed to ask $6.75m+ and negotiate down to $6.75m
    If I received an inquiry on massdevelopment .com I’d prolly ask $50k. and settle at $5-15k.

  7. I hate April Fools Day.

  8. hahahaha nice

  9. methinks it’s April Fools… 😀

  10. Bert… I don’t think that’s what got you.

  11. lol!

  12. I like better. That site is worth seven figures to me. 🙂 Tia, I’ll sell you for 3MM and you’ll have the start of something….ummm….big. 😀

  13. Guys, you’ve crashed and it’s not coming up anymore!!!

  14. Jay, Would that site be about breast implants? 😀

  15. got me and thanks for the morning grin. 4 a minute there i thought i waz sittin on a gold mine.
    ps- I <3 Tia

  16. For those still in doubt, “Flair Polos” = anagram of “April Fools” 😀

  17. Big laughs! LOL. Didn’t doubt.. that was the first thing that crossed my mind!

  18. Anyone hear the background music? hehe. Catchy.

  19. lol .. nice one Theo! 🙂

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