Why build web sites when you can hold and park domains?

It's quite ironic issuing this statement; as a web developer I am supposed to be pushing everyone around me to develop, build, create. Right? While this is true in small quantities, when a domain is truly one project that derives its potential from its owner's imagination and vision, … [Read more...]

New Jersey corporation buys Mass Development domain for $6.75 million

The news floated since just two days ago but it has just been confirmed: Flair Polos - a New Jersey manufacturing corporation with embroidery factories in Taiwan, China and North Korea, purchased MassDevelopment.com for the sum of $6.75 million dollars, in what appears to be the largest sale of … [Read more...]

Web developer, Tia Wood, launches BulkDevelopment.com – a FREE tool for domainers

The waters of "mass development" were hit by a major tsunami today, when news broke of a new, FREE bulk development tool that promises to deliver instant results. Seasoned web developer, Tia Wood launched the new service at BulkDevelopment.com In her own words: Want to leave domain parking? … [Read more...]