No, I don’t like the GoDaddy commercial – and here’s why

I know, it’s that time of the year again. Tailgating, wings, beer and football. It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Time to drop all other tasks and turn the computer off. The half time commercials are – allegedly -some of the best creative to be shown on American television, every year.

I will have to disagree; although, they are the most expensive, by far.

GoDaddy is rolling out two Super Bowl commercials, and I don’t like the one titled “Perfect Match“. It seems that I am not the only one; for and against votes on YouTube are evenly split.

OK, so I get it: GoDaddy wants to popularize domainer geekiness – portrayed by a stereotypical chubby, bespectacled guy that obviously is a kissing virgin. By using GoDaddy, he is able to ‘score’ with a chick way out of his league; cue supermodel Bar Refaeli.

However, there are no dynamics in that studio production, unlike GoDaddy’s other commercial, “YourBigIdea.CO“. And that’s because they were created by different agencies.

With Danica Patrick narrating the encounter of “beauty and the geek” in a rather  blasé voice, we are left with a gross, tongue-twisting kiss of GoDaddy’s top geek choice with Bar Refaeli. She gets points for not throwing up – not during the final cut, at least.

I cannot blame GoDaddy all the way though; their audience includes families watching the Big Game and sloppy kisses or getting first base is the most they can show to the mostly conservative public.

Here’s a great commercial involving a “perfect match” in an ad that actually gets it. Enjoy the game!


  1. “Perfect Match” it’s not real,it’s fake,it’s a waste of money.
    The concept it’s stupid.

    When have you seen a hot girl like that with a geek like shown above and the relationship to work ? so if it does not work, then hole principle does not work.
    Is this the message that GoDaddy wants to transmit?
    In my opinion its the worst commercial GD ever did.

    On the other hand .co commercial it’s a winner.
    It clearly states get a domain before some one else will get it and that what GD does.
    Sell domains

  2. But the whole idea of these commercials is to get you to visit In this case everyone knows they have a second version there. So people visit to see what is there (I have not – yet)

  3. second version with lots of tongue I hear

  4. Same here – I don’t like this ad at all.

  5. I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I kinda liked it.

  6. Well you certainly found a commercial much better Theo, the Sony ad is great and quick to the point and believable.

    We have gone overboard as a culture making Geeks getting the hot girl. It started in the 80’s with Revenge of the Nerds which was a fine concept it had not been done before. But now there are just too many of them, the Sony commercial was far superior thanks for pointing it out because I did not see that.

  7. Advertising is all about the buzz. Good or bad. The commercial generated lots of buzz. For that reason, it’s a success.

  8. Rich – Spot on. The “Perfect Match” has to be the worst GoDaddy commercial, ever. The .CO one was a 9/10 in my book.

    Bob – The only ‘buzz’ generated was lots of negative comments that can be summarized with the word “barf!” Even review sites of Super Bowl commercials gave it the thumbs down.

    Daniel – Hopefully next year they will donate the money to a charity instead.

    Uzoma – You like Rafaeli, I’m sure. The commercial sucked as a concept.

    RH – Nothing wrong with geeks getting the hot girl. But this one was like sexting is to sex.

  9. I think Go daddy accomplished what they wanted and that is publicity. Many people are already talking about this. Also, good publicity for the model as I had never heard of her before this commercial.

  10. 2,700 comments (now) on the “perfect match” every body thinks the same,terrible…

    Edit: fixed typos, link 😉

  11. One thing I have to admit, as Bob said, there is a lot of buzz generated thanks to this commercial. And maybe (just maybe) from advertising point of view it is still good when people talk about your ad – no matter how good or bad it is (of course it’s better when it’s good).

  12. Daniel – When millions are spent, it’s best when one has great things to say about your company. The ad failed to connect the dots.

  13. Godaddy sucks.No one I know would ever consider getting services from them after that sick display of a commercial.

  14. Sure Acro, I agree.

  15. Right after the “tongue in cheek” super-bowl commercials, Godaddy followed it up with a collaboration with Office Depot to do a more orthodox one; so, it is not a question of one or the other, a fallacy of false choices, they did it both ways. Therefore, everyone should be satisfied. Let’s hope domain market places take the millions they rake in and head to television to promote domain awareness just like Godaddy does. I am one who cherishes what Godaddy does for our industry. The codes, the ads, the controversies, the services, the prices, the good and the bad, and ofcourse, our bad-boy Bob…. we should take it all. It’s the best we’ve got in the industry.

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