No idea who bought another “meta” domain from me

This is the 3rd post in a row about “meta” domains and that’s a good indication about the increased interest in the keyword, and Metaverse domains in general.

A couple of weeks after my last story about “meta” domains that I registered or acquired years ago, I completed one more domain sale. The deal closed for thousands of dollars above my acquisition cost; the almost 20 year old domain was sold via the Uniregistry Market and its extended exposure on the GoDaddy network.

I have no idea who bought the domain as the WHOIS info is under privacy and DNS remains unchanged, and I’m ok with that. When the ROI is so substantial I can sit back and appreciate the insight I had almost two decades ago, registering or acquiring meaningful two word .com domains. Once the new owner enables their domain asset, I will be checking out what types of services they plan to offer on the Metaverse.

I’m now holding onto two “meta” domains and since that last sale I’ve increased my asking prices, to match the increased interest and publicly recorded sales. As mentioned last time, I’ve no interest in registering new meta domains en masse as an investment; the primary reason is that such registration of domains in an already saturated market has a strong potential of zero return on investment, long term.

If you’re still adamant about going that route and want to know what “meta” means and how to best use it with your domain registrations and brands, head over to my quick tutorial.

See you on the Metaverse.


  1. Congrats on the sale! If it’s above $10,000, I will place a $5 bet that it’s Facebook. They just have too many “meta” domains to manage at the moment, but time will tell that I am right. 😉

  2. Thank you for the blog. I recently registered some meta related domain names. I believe the 60 day window has passed, and so will consider some to sell and a couple, maybe to keep longer. The introduction of handshake domain names is something to think about. Could bear negative consequences.

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