Recycling Mike Mann’s domains: Thanks Konstantinos!

Querying Mike Mann’s domain droplist was a herculean task, but Konstantinos of Online Domain delivered!

Fifty thousand domains, or about 16% of Mike Mann’s portfolio dropped recently, and Konstantinos shared those that became available, along with a separate list of upcoming deletes at the time.

Perusing thousands of domains “by hand” reminded me of the good old days of Domainsbot, almost 20 years ago.

Konstantinos did all the heavy lifting, and all I had to do was sort the domains by length and start checking the most interesting ones. I ended up registering 20 domains, almost all of them two word .com’s and one “brandable.”

Ten days later, all of them have an amount of traffic that varies from low teens to several dozen uniques per day. I went after domains that existed in other TLDs or ccTLDs. In the 10 days since, I’ve had three inquiries and one offer.

Getting domains with potential for just “reg fee” is not easy these days, and I appreciate Mike Mann’s decision to “clean house” and Konstantinos for providing the lists.


  1. Would be helpful if you shared the ones you picked up.

    In fact it would be nice if everyone posted which ones they picked up from the list.

  2. MapleDots – That would taint the natural traffic they are receiving 😉

    That’s the problem with large portfolios, they can become impossible to manage. Mike’s decision to drop – or allow to expire – 50k domains was not a light decision but it will save him almost $500k per year in renewal fees.

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