Recycling Mike Mann’s domains: Thanks Konstantinos!

Querying Mike Mann's domain droplist was a herculean task, but Konstantinos of Online Domain delivered! Fifty thousand domains, or about 16% of Mike Mann's portfolio dropped recently, and Konstantinos shared those that became available, along with a separate list of upcoming deletes at the … [Read more...]

Three reasons why I like Mike Mann’s attitude in life

I do not define a man's worth by their accomplishments in life. It's not who they are and what have achieved; what matters to me is how they got there and how they stand, as people, if their title and status were to be stripped off. Mike Mann is well known for his domain portfolio, … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: The Facebook username landrush

Yes, I know - it's a Friday Funny on a Tuesday; but I haven't done one lately and some people are having severe withdrawal symptoms. This one is about Facebook's introduction of usernames this past Saturday; in case you were under the proverbial rock and missed the entire event, which is … [Read more...]