Reg fee domainer?

I must say that taking Sunday off worked for the most part; I focused on relaxing and lounging in order to energize for the busy week ahead.

Then I went back to reading the ‘Sunday paper‘ – I mean, domainer blogs – and the one about Internet Traffic not paying less than $100 per pay period caught my eye.

The term “reg fee domainer” is news to me. I peruse domain blogs and forums daily, and I have never heard of the term before, so it seems that it was coined for a reason: to talk about domainer hobbyists.

In the heyday of my Sedo PPC parking, making $3,000 per month was a spectacular pay. While things have changed and the PPC market has collapsed since 2008, if you don’t make the bare minimum of $100 /month from parking, what exactly is the reason you’re spending renewal fees on domains?

Not only is Internet Traffic being reasonable with the $100 /month minimum to send out payments – via PayPal or wire – but they should actually increase it to $250 or so. This way, the “reg fee domainers” – or domainer riff-raff – can go back to parking obviously junk domains at second and third tier parking companies.


  1. “if you don’t make the bare minimum of $100 /month from parking, what exactly is the reason you’re spending renewal fees on domains?”

    If a domain has little or no type-in traffic, it’s entirely possible for it not to make $100/month via parking and not all names that have little or no type-in traffic are worthless.

  2. Joe – Maybe that’s true for an individual domain, but not for a portfolio of domains. If the cumulative earnings don’t exceed $100, then it’s a hobby. People that complain about their hobbies not making money don’t understand what they’re doing.

  3. Yep It is pretty funny.

    They are complaining about a $100 threshold yet Frank allows every to park for free with sales banner and platform. I guess this individual is probably advertising a competitors site or has some other agenda.

    But some blogs need to do this type of things to get traffic. Complain instead of moving forward.

    Again this site has no advertising and you get the real story and opinion every time.


  4. I like Toronto Domainer, he’s a hard worker for sure and shares knowledge on DNF and with the community. He’s probably the best at helping out the new folks to the industry, and that’s an important contribution.

    But yes, the article was silly. Parking rev’s are LOW still, DNS has the best payouts I have ever seen, but even more importantly…that platform and the brokerage network Frank is building is amazing.

    I have to say, I get a little ticked off anytime I hear any complaint about DNS, that people parking their are GUESTS end of story. I worry someone, one day is going to cross the line and they are going to kick out the low earners, which very well likely would include my portfolio.

    I cant imagine have to go back to SEDO.

    What I disliked the most about the article is the page is plastered with another parking companies ad. 🙁 Toronto Domainer, I hope you didn’t sell your soul! 🙂

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