Resurrect your domain sales with Frank Schilling’s team of brokers

Using the Domain Name Sales platform, I self-broker my domains; selective allocations to brokers depend on the particular requirements of the inquiry.

I’ve been raving about Frank Schilling’s team of in-house brokers, because they are well-trained and effective in their pursuit of a sale.

Sometimes, a pending transaction can fall through for no apparent reason, leaving me hanging and pondering about what went wrong.

Instead of commiserating, I’ve resorted to passing the transaction over to the DNS brokers. If needed, I call in and request a particular broker, if my needs are specific.

One such recent inquiry from a buyer in the UK was handled expertly by Nicola, resulting in my first mid $x,xxx sale in 2014, right before NamesCon commenced.

Nicola is a British national, and was therefore able to communicate with the buyer at a different level, that incorporates a linguistic and cultural approach that I might be lacking.

Long story short: she turned a dead-end situation into a sale for me, the way a realtor would negotiate the best deal for my house, if it were up for sale.

I am thankful for Frank’s team of domain brokers, and mentioned that to him during NamesCon. Without revealing any private discussion, I should add that Frank Schilling is always looking for competent domain brokers to join his stellar team.

A big shout out to Sevan Derderian, director of sales at Uniregistry as well.


  1. All sounds great, but i was refused as i didn’t have enough domains in my portfolio

  2. Bob – I believe that you can ‘appeal’ that by contacting them directly, although I’m sure there are some basic requirements.

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