: Finally, a domain investor takes the right development approach

When you own a quality generic domain name, such as, it’s important not to erase its potential.

Generic domains that aren’t developed suffer the consequences of an unforgiving Google, that clearly favors content over domain quality.

To this day, many domainers regurgitate paradigms that no longer apply, unwilling to accept that the world has shifted from being com-centric, to a multi-discipline approach as far as what constitutes online presence.

Surely, .com is king. But there are many kingdoms now, all ruled by the almighty Google – the god of all search engines.

Content is more important than the TLD, and in the case of we are seeing a fresh approach, as its owner, domain investor Richard Leto, provides an actual content lander, as opposed to a cookie-cutter parked page with a form to contact.

As the original registrant of, Richard is aware of the benefits of how an indexable page can lead to search engine visibility. Parked domains only rank for their full domain, and although a single page lander is the bare minimum, it’s still classes better than any PPC lander.

Is domain development expensive, or is this yet another excuse used by domain investors unwilling to step away from the antiquated “rules” of the 90s and early 2000s?

The truth is, that WordPress has made a big change in how self-published content can be launched: fast, and consistently often. While such content might or might not be considered full development, it’s embraced by Google with open arms.

Even when you publish content using Wix or SquareSpace, it’s still better than a parked page with ads.

Development cost varies, depending on quality of work, the size of the project, and the willingness of the domain holder to go through a full development cycle. Simply put, setting up something overnight isn’t unfeasible, but it’s not the right approach; that, might take several weeks to complete correctly and efficiently.

If you want to establish your best domains on Google’s red carpet engine, begin the domain’s development early: when you register the domain, when you acquire it, and not after months of letting it suck itself dry on a parked PPC lander.


  1. VPS hosting, wordpress and learning to customize css are keys to creating and selling domains for high prices. You can ‘self park’, with ads that are generic on the sidebar, and more specific ones right on the ‘post’ (domain name) if you wish. There’s no reason to let your domain sit on cookie-cutter parking page that takes a big cut of your revenue. To see what I mean, check out a redirect of mine,

  2. Jay – my only objection is that you forward the domain. That has zero SEO benefits. Keep it on its own web space.

  3. Theo, Thanks for the compliments and article on!

  4. Richard – You’re welcome. A truly stellar LLL / word .com.

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