: Finally, a domain investor takes the right development approach

When you own a quality generic domain name, such as, it's important not to erase its potential. Generic domains that aren't developed suffer the consequences of an unforgiving Google, that clearly favors content over domain quality. To this day, many domainers regurgitate paradigms … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Bug Squad : Membership is limited

I've been using the Uniregistry domain services since 2012, once domain parking and the selling platform opened to the public. As an early adopter of the platform, I helped test the services provided on their web and application, becoming an official beta-tester. No application is perfect, and … [Read more...]

Momentum and traction in the gTLD arena: What to expect in 2014 – Plus, NamesCon is on!

How fast is the mass expansion of the Internet name space happening? Not fast enough, according to several domain investors that are projecting either a failure, or a delayed success of the gTLD scheme. In the end, it's up to the gTLD Registries to invest in advertising and promote their … [Read more...]

Clipart plus text does not equal a logo

In the days of tight budgets and uneducated entrepreneurs, companies such as promise to bring a cheap alternative to custom-made brand development. LogoGarden claims to be an expert veteran in the field: "For 15 years founder John Williams owned an award-winning … [Read more...]

Domain Development: an interactive discussion with Elliot Silver

I can't say I'm a fan of either the Golden Globe or the Oscar awards. But when domain investor and developer Elliot Silver won the 2010 TRAFFIC award in the Best Domain News blog category, I was right on the money with my vote. Through his blog, Elliot churns out content daily that contains … [Read more...]