Sedo removes Obama & McCain domains from its marketplace

In yet another hasty move, Sedo has inexplicably begun to remove political domains from its marketplace. It is uncertain how far the pattern searcher reaches, however Carolyn from the support department mentioned that their legal department decided to remove domains that contain the name of the US political candidates, Obama and McCain. I expect that the black-listing filter contains the names of Palin and Biden as well.

Now, I am not an opportunist that’d go around registering dozens of names of every possible combination for the party tickets, like others did. I own two domains, both hand-registered for their brandability value: and

Sedo’s email was yet another blow in the face of the growing number of users that choose the Sedo marketplace as a selling platform:

We are writing to inform you that the domains listed below have been suspended from Sedo’s services because this domain(s) is a potential violation of Sedo’s policy against domains that include obscene or illegal subject matter. While Sedo strives to protect our users rights to exercise free speech and maintain a marketplace with a vibrant and diverse collection of domain names, we apologize any inconvenience that this may cause.

It’s definitely ironic to see the words “free speech” and “blacklisted” in the same email. Currently there are dozens if not hundreds of political domains on Sedo’s marketplace so the blacklisting process has just begun.

Time to move your domains to or elsewhere.


  1. Domainy Domainer says

    Such negativity here.

  2. *

    Yes, I’ll be pulling my domains from Sedo.

    My political domain had an offer on it–not much–and I was thinking of not accepting the offer anyway because I’m using the domain as a “pro” website.

    Still, Sedo is wrong here, and I no longer want to do business with them.


  3. *

    The funny thing is, although I received the email “blacklisting” my domain, the domain still shows in my account, and the offer still stands.

    So if I understand this correctly: if I “sell” my blacklisted domain, they’ll take the commission.

    Screw that.


  4. Yes, the burden of removing the domain from the account falls on you. This is why I called the move “hasty”. The decision apparently came in the past 24 hours with little support from the programmers’ end to facilitate – for example – an automated removal of the domains and cancellation of ongoing transactions.

  5. Sedo sucks.

  6. *

    Just a few of the Google TM domains up for sale at Sedo:


    I would say that Sedo is totally two-faced and will hide behind that law that exempts them from being legally responsible from the consequences of selling TM domains.


  7. The new acronym for sedo.

    Screwing every domain offer.

  8. Another acronym for sedo.

    Sabotaging every domainers opinion.

  9. Sharon Hayes says

    heh their filtering system works so well – they blacklisted

  10. thats bit funny, because I have seen trademarks such as having 24 bids in sedo and with a traffic of 273,392

  11. Yup, Sedo wouldn’t take my domain although they did take and! They said something about Obama comflicting with a German reserved word although I can’t find the email. I must have deleted it.

  12. I have several domains on sale with Sedo. They are closely involved with where I bought the domains.

    They might use their position to manipulate one way or the other to make the most for themselves.

    I am going to cancel them all today.

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