Sedo : Maybe the domain seller *is* on vacation

At Uniregistry Market, an ongoing joke is about brokers asking the other party – typically, the buyerwhether they are on vacation.

While that statement intends to gauge a response due to its mild but effective non-PC manner, there are times that the statement is true.

During a recent domain acquisition at Sedo, I submitted payment promptly. The domain was listed at both Sedo and Afternic, and as an active buyer on both platforms I went with Sedo.

The fact that both venues carried the domain in their inventory counter-balanced my concerns about it being under privacy WHOIS, and apparently changed hands last summer.

The transaction started the week before Christmas, and after a few days went by, I was both concerned and on the verge of having second thoughts about the domain. It’s like when you find a great collectible and want to add it to your wall as soon as possible.

Further communications with Sedo assured me that the seller is an established domain investor and they are probably on vacation for the holidays, so I waited some more.

Despite a longer than usual wait, the transaction completed yesterday, an indication that sometimes we need to give the other party the benefit of performing their part of the deal at the speed of life.

I’d like to also thank Colin at Sedo, who expedited the domain’s release from GoDaddy to Uniregistry, per my request.


  1. It would be nice if market places could add a status plugin for the sellers to use to let buyers know when they are on vacation or away domaining for x amount of days.

  2. Julio – That’s a great idea! As far as I know, you can set autoresponders on DNS/Uniregistry Market, but I have never used that feature as I make myself accessible as a seller.

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