Sedo pays fast

As I said in the past, Sedo pays fast. How fast, depends on your willingness to participate in the seller/buyer exchange.

If you fail to respond to messages regarding a transaction, or if you do not take the initiative to inform the transaction manager about completing that action, chances are that you are delaying receiving that paycheck.

As usual, for my latest Sedo sales payment was disbursed via direct deposit/ACH to my business account, the same day that I received the notification from Sedo. Obviously, I did my part of the work by issuing and uploading an invoice per the sellers’ requests.

It is important to stay on top of your brokered sales on Sedo or other venues, if you want your money fast.

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  1. They used to be pretty fast, support too had become good, but they’re back to the same old ways it seems.

    Credit note was created on 11th of April, payment hasn’t been released till today and the reason given is that the bank makes it tough!

    It’s an international bank and the payment is to be made to a German branch, can’t understand the hold up.

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