– How I saved the owner’s $2.6 million property

It’s good to hear when people become successful overnight; that’s the type of satisfaction that can be shared.

Financial success through domaining is yet another way to display one’s entrepreneurial achievements and the recent sale of for $2.6 million is one such case.

Five years ago, was stolen from its owner and was offered for sale on Sedo. As I’ve done on numerous other occasions, the notification of its legitimate owner and of the selling platforms were both shared on

Although the original thread is gone, you can read some interesting reactions or lack thereof about my report of the domain’s listing at Sedo, back then.

While things have changed a lot in how Sedo communicates nowadays, it’s an interesting window into the past.

Congratulations to the seller of and I’m glad they weren’t tricked out of their property back in 2006. It’s important to note how much DNForum has contributed to preserving the state of alert over stolen domains as well.


  1. Cool story Theo.

  2. Acro, it’s a good thing to have a fellow professional like you in our industry. Let’s look out for each other! Thank you and all the best.


  3. Theo, you make us all proud!! And more, glad to have you around bro 🙂

  4. That’s funny…I was just looking at the historical whois today and saw someone other than Scott as the owner for one record. I was confused as to why.

  5. …Saved Scott $2.6m, indeed…!

    The interesting thing is that – in 2006 – you were saving Scott, say, $25k-$35k, because that was about the market value of in 2006 (prior, of course, to the Facebook & Twitter phenomenons!)….I understand he couldn’t sell in those days for the asking price of 50k!!

    Goes to show, doesn’t it?….In this game, anything is possible, with any domain name…

    Good work, Acro, for the work you did back then… 🙂

  6. The domaining industry has greatly benefited because people like yourself are involved. Keep up the good work.

  7. Thank you all for your great feedback – in this industry we need to look after each other.

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