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The ‘SOPA’ buzzword will remain alive through the holiday season and beyond, especially since the Congress has yet to decide on the fate of the bill by the same name.

The “Stop Online Piracy Act” gives controversial authority to the US Government to take down any web site and content it deems infringing or unlawful, without a due process.

It seems that is owned by a great gentleman of a domainer that I had the pleasure to engage in business with and whom I commended in a prior post.

Vincent owns and has plans to build it into an informational web site and to give visitors the opportunity to raise their concerns about the SOPA bill and its ramifications for the Internet and the domain industry.

With large corporations like GoDaddy flip-flopping on the SOPA issue, there seems to be a need now, more than ever, for a centralized point of defense against unconstitutional legislation – and is the right URL to do it from.


  1. Nice research Acro. 🙂

    By the way, could you do a small article on mailing softwares/programs that domainers can use to contact leads?

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