Wikipedia: The choice of a Copy and Paste generation

Wikipedia is out of bounds today, participating in a global protest against the proposed SOPA bill that threatens our civil rights. And yet, I'm not so sad seeing Wikipedia's black page after each search query. You see, centralized sources of information aren't really a good thing. Free or not, … [Read more...]

My support of

A few days ago I reported on how the domain name is in good hands. To show my support of Vincent's efforts against this hideous SOPA bill, I've donated my time and created the logo. The SOPA bill must fail because it's not only unconstitutional but it also threatens to … [Read more...]

Party like a Rockefeller

Aged "just" 74 years and six months, senator Jay "John" Rockefeller is still keeping America safe from its natural enemies. In a letter published at the Talk Radio News Service, senator Rockefeller made this statement: “I’m concerned that this expansion of generic, top-level domains, if it … [Read more...] – A great resource tool in the right hands

The 'SOPA' buzzword will remain alive through the holiday season and beyond, especially since the Congress has yet to decide on the fate of the bill by the same name. The "Stop Online Piracy Act" gives controversial authority to the US Government to take down any web site and content it deems … [Read more...]