Success: Flushing TDNAM via SedoMLS

Unless you were in a stupor lately, you could not have missed my recent post about how I ditched Sedo – and not just for a single reason.

In that post that generated more than 1500 unique views, I explained why I left Sedo after 8 years of being faithful to a “cheating mistress.

At least, that’s how it felt.

I can now announce that all of my domains also left GoDaddy’s TDNAM aka “domain slaughter house“. While I can’t put the blame solely on GoDaddy, it was their interaction with the SedoMLS that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Once I deleted my domains from within Sedo, TDNAM started to delist them automatically, until they were all gone within five days. I won’t miss those $60 lowball offers.

Having announced my first sale among numerous inquiries via Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic outfit, I can honestly say that Frank’s opening of the DNS platform to the general public, is the single biggest innovation of the year, if not the decade.



  1. That is good news although I was told by Sedo that GD purging should be done within 24 hours and not 5 days. I guess you can’t believe anything Sedo says nowadays.

  2. Kosta – Some domains were in limbo with pending offers via TDNAM, that’s why it took longer. At any rate, I’m glad this is over.

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