How $19.99 saved me a few thousand dollars

When computer technology advances, I don't simply move on. I'm known for keeping old, functioning computer gear for years. In the case of my original laptop - a 2004 Compaq I'll affectionately call "The Brick" - the gear itself hasn't quite gone out of fashion. I recently doubled its RAM to 2 Gb … [Read more...]

Unethical tax measure thrown out of the window

Just four days ago I wrote about how a controversial new indirect taxation would affect thousands of .GR domains and their cash-starved operators; most of them Greek entrepreneurs operating portals, news web sites and forums. That indirect taxation - called "aggeliosimo" - was meant to be an … [Read more...]

Greek Government kills Entrepreneurship under the .GR TLD

What is worse than having inept leaders? To answer that question, one has to take a look at the number of anti-social measures stacked together onto a gigantic law up for vote this coming week at the Greek parliament. Hit by a ballooning debt that was inflated by financial games played upon … [Read more...]

Every Domainer needs a Sabbatical

My definition of a Sabbatical is the soul-searching break from a world that is polluted with technology and inhuman interactions. Humans - more often than what we think - need a break from the things that appear to offer instant gratification and to perform tasks that allow us to interact with … [Read more...]

The Un-Talented Mr. Ripley

When I read in the news about Joran van der Sloot it's hard not to remember a novel I read, oh so long ago. The Talented Mr. Ripley, a thriller revolving around the personality of a young American and wannabe socialite in Europe, is among Patricia Highsmith's finest novels. When I read it in … [Read more...]