Domain inquiries : Coming back to buy the domain

Engaging with a potential buyer doesn't always result in a sale, but domain names that get renewed continue to work their magic in that person's mind. In other words, inquiries that end due to a difference in pricing, often get a second chance at a later time, sometimes at a price considerably … [Read more...]

Domain negotiations : Never refer to “alternative options” when seeking to buy a domain

Everyone wants to buy a domain name as cheap as possible. Beginning with this axiom, the domain seller's perspective is the exact opposite: maximize Return On Investment. It's 2018, and and endless line of new companies and partnerships, start-ups and non-profits pop up, in need of a domain … [Read more...]

Domain sales : Dealing with cranky buyers

Domain sales platforms, such as the Uniregistry Market that I use, offer sellers and buyers the ability to communicate directly. Whether that is done via a broker, or in person, the experience of dealing with a potential buyer can vary tremendously. The only constant is you, the … [Read more...]

Has the gTLD domain market plateaued?

I will be the first to admit it: I haven't registered a considerable number of gTLD domains in weeks. With the exception of Uniregistry domains, and .link, .photo in particular, I have not registered any other new gTLDs in recent memory. When I developed a strategy for the launch of gTLDs and … [Read more...]