101Domain processes refunds for failed Uniregistry registrations

Before the general availability launch for .Sexy and .Tattoo I placed pre-orders with 101Domain.com and another domain registrar, for dot .Sexy domains. The registrar that failed to secure these domains for me, issued a refund within an hour of failing to do so. In addition, I attempted to … [Read more...]

Domain volatility index: Bitcoins or gTLDs?

The media attention given to Bitcoin, as opposed to the new extensions of the Internet name space, is severely disproportionate. Never before in the history of gaming was 'Monopoly' money more popular; bitcoin has been used to buy homes, cars and even domain names - all without a backing … [Read more...]

Diversification: A key element of intelligent domain investing

When I was a kid, my Grandma used to say "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." I didn't understand the meaning of that phrase back then, because I didn't have a basket to put any eggs into, and my Grandma handled breakfast - God bless her. Actually, my Grandma never said that, because the … [Read more...]

Domain investing strategies: Don’t go all ‘Pacman’ with the new TLDs

There has been a lot of activity by domain investors in the gTLD namespace - even by some that were dissenting originally - as domainers begin to realize the benefits of the new domain name system. Developing a gTLD domain investing strategy now, will determine one's ability to manage potential … [Read more...]

End-users register what they want, domainers register what they believe end-users want

There seems to be a disconnect between the mindset of a domainer and that of an end-user. Domainers seem to be preoccupied with a book of logic and assumptions, some of which are erroneous or outdated. In the world of end-user domain buyers, anything goes: they use exotic ccTLDs, dashes, two … [Read more...]