Great to see the domain industry working together

It's great witnessing the domain industry work together, watching each other's back. Domains can be valuable assets, that are intangible; we can't lock them inside one's house, or in a box. Their lifespan is dependent on their owners' ability to renew them, sometimes at the last minute. In the … [Read more...]

Domain investments : Hold long, for maximum ROI

My most recent five figure domain sale started as an acquisition on DNForum, around this time in 2005. The domain was part of a fire sale by the late investor, Igal Lichtman, whose "Mrs. Jello LLC" sales threads were legendary. I spent $1,000 buying two LLL .net domains, and a two word .com. … [Read more...]

Farewell, Igal

One evening ten years ago, I received a call from Igal Lichtman, who witnessed my frustration unfold at a sales thread on DNForum. For a man in his mid-30′s that I was, receiving fatherly advice from a someone I hadn’t met in person, felt strange; by the end of our conversation, my tempest had … [Read more...]