Check your PayPal account for a negative balance, courtesy of the banking system

Your PayPal account might have a negative balance currently, and it's all the fault of the banking system. Since 1999, I use PayPal regularly and it's a great tool for online transactions, including the sale and acquisition of domain names. As I check my PayPal account daily, I was surprised … [Read more...]

PayPal history : Where to download your old transactions and history from

PayPal revamped its web site a couple of years ago, along with its logo and overall brand. The platform is very popular, and although it's not the most secure for domain transactions due to the "digital assets" clause, it's still in widespread use among domain investors and other … [Read more...]

Uniregistry registrations : Use PayPal for registering domains

I've been using Uniregistry for the majority of my new TLD and gTLD domain registrations, thanks to their efficient control panel, quality of support and great bulk pricing. Uniregistry is also working on integrating Domain Name Sales into the registrar; in the coming months expect some great … [Read more...]

My PayPal account is limited

Apparently, my PayPal account is limited, that's the context of the most common phishing email I receive on a daily basis. Of course, the notification is being sent to every email account I use, other than my PayPal one. On top of this, being an Advantage member has its perks, and such email … [Read more...]

So I spent more than $5,000 with PayPal

Apparently I've been spending some cash this year on PayPal, because they just upgraded me to an "Advantage" member. According to their email: PayPal Advantage membership is complimentary, and given to customers who spend over $5,000 a year with PayPal. Here's what you get as an Advantage … [Read more...]