Uniregistry registrations : Use PayPal for registering domains

I’ve been using Uniregistry for the majority of my new TLD and gTLD domain registrations, thanks to their efficient control panel, quality of support and great bulk pricing.

Uniregistry is also working on integrating Domain Name Sales into the registrar; in the coming months expect some great announcements from the Caymans based company.

I mentioned the well-known locale with emphasis added, as there is one slight issue when paying for domain registrations via a credit card: Foreign transaction fees.

Not all credit cards have them, for example Capital One does not charge a fee with business grade credit cards – but their rates are higher.

Still, why pay a 3% surcharge on every renewal and registration?

The solution is to pay with PayPal at Uniregistry for every transaction; this way, the charge arrives from the Uniregistry’s California based account. Not sure why this does not apply to credit card payments that are charged by Uniregistry in the Caymans, but it doesn’t really matter; PayPal works for me.

To utilize PayPal as your payment method at Uniregistry, you need to enable an agreement, which can be revoked at any time at your PayPal account settings.


  1. Hi,
    are you sure about uniregistry having a California based paypal account?

    When I get paid by domainnamesales.com I see this in Paypal:
    Business Name: NAmedia (The sender of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)

    Or are they using two different accounts that have different locations?

  2. Kosta – Yes, the charge comes from “PAYPAL *UNIREGISTRY 402-935-7733 CA ” which is essentially PayPal on behalf of Uniregistry. Outgoing payments, that’s another story. 😉

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