Shift the paradigm : Clueless realtors and domain names

A lot of domain investors facilitate domain sales basing their approach on how the real estate market operates. While there are similarities in this analogy, there are also differences which make the use of real estate an imperfect example to demonstrate how the domain market works. For … [Read more...]

From Real Estate to Cyber Estate: How Nick Spanos turned a “No” into $60,000

The entrepreneurial spirit of Nick Spanos, a respectable Real Estate broker from Manhattan, NY and owner of, led him to new ventures in the 1990's. His vacation rental business was thriving and so was his portfolio of domain names. Nick's business expanded on the Web to promote these … [Read more...]

Euro-laden Investors Gobble up Real Estate in NYC –

Real estate recession? Gasoline prices above $4 a gallon? Election year madness? It can only happen in the United States of America, which is about to celebrate its two-hundred and thirty-second anniversary of independence, on July 4th. Americans are a nation of hard-working, ingenious people … [Read more...]