The UDRP process belongs with the dinosaurs

The UDRP process is archaic and belongs to the dinosaur era. We witness domains registered a decade or more ago, being challenged by individuals or entities formed in recent years or even months. The case is one such example. The question is: why are these domains being challenged … [Read more...]

Domainer vanity and a few words about web development

Earlier today, Mike Berkens posted about a UDRP case that is about to claim the 'developed' web site, Because it's pointless to wade through trolling comments in order to relay the type of information that such a post deserves, I'm posting it all here. What does one do with a … [Read more...]

The shameful WIPO case of

I just came across this WIPO case with regards to the domain name It would have been a typical case, if it weren't for the fact that I actually visited the web site back in 1998 when it was registered; its purpose has always been to gripe against the (then) CEO of Aspis Pronoia, an … [Read more...]