Domainer vanity and a few words about web development

Earlier today, Mike Berkens posted about a UDRP case that is about to claim the 'developed' web site, Because it's pointless to wade through trolling comments in order to relay the type of information that such a post deserves, I'm posting it all here. What does one do with a … [Read more...]

Don’t hide the features in obscure places

As a developer of computer games, software applications and web sites, I often wonder why certain functions of software are hidden. I learned to provide access to features of my creations by making things clean, clear and crisp. While many profess to be web designers, most lack the skills for … [Read more...] – another great example on the Epik network

At a previous post I explained why many domains raved over by Epik as money makers, are really obscure long-tail excuses of a reg fee domain. Some are of questionable value as trademark violations, as someone noted. Perhaps these were the ones Epik registers from the drop lists, so I wondered … [Read more...]

You’re only as good as the tools you use

In all honesty, I can't recall how it all started with web development; I vaguely recall using Wordpad on Windows 3.11 Maybe because I'm about to push mid-4o's or perhaps because it doesn't really matter. There are things that one fails to register, for good. At some point, however, I started … [Read more...]