Playing the ‘Final Offer’ card on Sedo

As a domain seller, I'm always looking to maximize my ROI; Sedo's platform offers some room for negotiation. However, the use of the pre-selected options is rather minimal and some are rather useless. For example, "Please justify your asking price" sounds like a time-wasting response. There is … [Read more...]

ZFBot leaps forward with 127 Million searchable domains

I've praised ZFBot several times in the past. The "killer app" for domainers is a tool that processes daily the zone files of millions of domain names in various TLDs. Perusing this huge, searchable database of domain names offers a great advantage in determining not only the trends in domain … [Read more...]

ZFBot did it! How I doubled my Sedo sale money with a simple email

Nobody likes competition. Especially the guy who receives an email that clearly states just that. A few weeks ago I received an offer at Sedo for a financial term, a dot net that I registered "by hand" in 2003. As the story goes, I hold domains until the Rapture occurs and since I am not a … [Read more...]

ZFBot gets new features – A great 4-in-one domain tool gets better!

During the past few days, Ken's been busy adding new features to his wonderful tool, ZFBot which now includes the zone files for the .net TLD, in addition to the .com. This brought the daily crunching to a whopping 92 million domains! Currently domains with no nameservers are not included but Ken is … [Read more...]

ZFBot – The Encyclopedia of .com

Every once in a while, a neat web application shows up and then you scratch your head wondering - "Now, why didn't I think of that first?" Without much debating on the issue of one's dying braincells, I'd like to introduce ZFBot and its creator, Ken Greenwood. In this quick, impromptu interview Ken … [Read more...]