Text plus clipart does not equal a logo

I hear this all the time: I need a cheap logo.

“How cheap” is only the beginning of the argument. The real question should be, does the client want a logo or some stylized text plus clipart?

These two things are different.

A logo must convey a message through a combination of symbols, icons and text. The latter isn’t always necessary, but when it’s present, the typeface used and its morphing essentially defines the brand.

Very few domainers want to invest in a logo that represents a brand, simply because their mindset is focused on one thing: minimizing upfront cost.

However, you can’t expect your web site to look “developed” when you use a slap-up job of text plus clipart, with not much intuition invested in that design.

And that separates logos and branding from stylized text paired with clipart.

If, however, you’re ok with the latter, here’s an excellent tool that will do it for you – for free. That’s the ultimate freebie when you don’t want to go all the way.

Just remember the formula: TEXT + CLIPART != LOGO


  1. Acro,

    Agree – One of my favorite past times has always been researching stories of how a logo was created.

    A very good link to some popular logo stories is here…


  2. Alan, thanks for sharing that link. Some of the world’s greatest logos come from simple shapes and less words.

  3. The logo you did for me Theo was top notch.

  4. I created my own logo for my blog. Yeah…it looked cheap. But, I just realized that’s the message I wanted to convey. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the link Acro. Simple yet useful..and it’s free.

  6. “A logo must convey a message through a combination of symbols, icons and text. ”


    The link Alan provided to “Company Logos and their Meanings” perfectly supports your point of view.

    I think it will be hard to look at a logo again as just a logo.

  7. You make a good point Acro, Thanks!

    @Alan nice link

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