Thank you, Jeff Gabriel

Jeff Gabriel announced his departure from Uniregistry, earlier today.

Those of us that were made aware of this personal decision a few days ago, are reminded of a very important mantra in life: Family comes first.

Jeff’s moving back to his roots, to be closer to his family. For the past seven years, he’s worked hard to build a strong brand, design and improve a corporate infrastructure, and to orchestrate a superb team of brokers and other professionals at Uniregistry.

It’s time to move on, and I’d like to thank Jeff for several things he’s done right:

  • Stayed on top of ongoing sales to ensure they were properly delegated
  • Used his sales insight and experience to provide valuable advice
  • Listened tentatively to my concerns and complaints and made improvements, resolving the issues
  • Remained a foot soldier who held the flag and won the battles on my behalf

Jeff, I appreciate all your hard work through the years, and this is my personal “thank you” note, to let others know as well.

I’m certain you’ll visit the Cayman islands as a tourist in the future, but for now, enjoy the New England summer! 😀


  1. i concur

    Jeff was always available and helpful, and I feel tried to find ways to help me maximize my portfolio. And thats just the business side, personally i count him a friend in the business. Thanks Jeff.

    Lakers – Celtics this year?


  2. Jeff is the man!

  3. Wow thanks Theo this means a lot. Thanks Page and thanks Hobi!

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