The best part of Sedo offers is canceling them

As a domain investor, I’m looking into maximizing my ROI from domain sales. When that happens, it’s because my asking price was met by the potential buyer.

On Sedo, where anonymous offers can be considered ‘safe‘ by those that place them, it’s not always easy to come to an agreement.

While flexibility by both parties is the key to any successful negotiation, there are times when a comment or a change in the price terminates the desire to communicate further.

A couple of days ago, I received a series of increased offers for a generic domain in my portfolio. Apparently, my asking price ‘shocked’ the newly registered account that the bidder was placing offers from at Sedo.

When I responded with a detailed message to their standard “Please justify your asking price”, things turned nasty. Upset that my price exceeded the cost of domain registrations over the course of ten years, the buyer attempted to teach me a lesson in economics, forgetting one simple thing in the process:

I don’t sell unless I want to, and I sell when the price is right.

When the offer/counter-offer exchange turns into a ‘conversation‘, the negotiation is pointless. Falsely believing that I will be upset, our anonymous teacher of economics turned the $x,xxx offer into $60, leaving the comment “Cool story bro.”

I did not wait for their comment to be approved and instead canceled this time-waster of a bonehead offer. No point in continuing talking to obnoxious people hiding behind anonymity. If a person is serious about a domain, they’d contact me directly via the WHOIS.

I have so many “sour grapes” stories at Sedo that it’s truly funny how I don’t even blink these days to such lowballing commentary. But it makes a cool story for my Saturday morning blogging. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Same tactic here, but I do not cancel the Sedo offer myself, usually I counter with big sum (like $100,000) After that the interesting party have a chance to raise the initial offer or cancel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Maksim – That should work as well, if the intention is to continue chatting instead of making a sale ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Whenever I get a response with “Justify your asking price”, I cancel the transaction.

    Because I’m sure, no matter what we tell them is going to change their mind.

  4. You can cancel… or justify as i already done from more than one:

    “I own it.
    You want it!”

  5. My last 3 offers at sedo have ended in a similar manner, seems to be a common theme over there.

    Usually goes like this $60 $100 then $200 THEN END

  6. That option is a total fucking waste of time

    Suprised those idiot Germans (Sedo) implemented that option

    As for you ‘tards complaining about lowballs:

    Set a floor price

    It’s not fucking rocket science

  7. Solar101 says

    That option is a total fucking waste of time
    Suprised those idiot Germans (Sedo) implemented that option As for you โ€˜tards complaining about lowballs:Set a floor price.Itโ€™s not fucking rocket science

    WOW! Have you ever thought of seeing a therapist? You need one.

  8. Just set a minimum bid on Sedo…

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