The gloves are off

Yesterday I went to Raglan Road, a posh Irish pub in the Downtown Disney area. The temperature outside hovered just above the freezing point; it was the first time ever that I didn’t feel out of place wearing a hat and gloves in Florida.

Inside the restaurant, the beautiful dancer occupied most of the central stage, while us, the patrons enjoyed our meals, ogling her moves. Fish and chips was definitely creamy and fresh, despite being served in a clean piece of cooking paper instead of the traditional newspaper. This is Disney property, after all, and sanitation is more important than tradition.

The various items on shelves, full of rich Irish culture reminded me of times that have long passed by; when deals closed with a firm handshake and a man’s word was unbreakable.

The Irish immigrants to the US were looked down upon, they had to stick to their own but once cornered, those feisty individuals wasted no time in defending their own.

On their footsteps, Greek immigrants helped build the railroads that connected the east and west through the mid-west and the plains of America, often being treated with contempt and racial discrimination for their initiative and dare to venture onto a new land that wasn’t their place of birth.

Every time someone attempts to belittle you, who speaks low of you, who due to his own failed mind attempts to bring you down, that’s the time that the gloves are off. That’s the time that you become a giant, a union of all men whose steps you’re following to achieve your life’s goals with no power other than your own.

The project has been a baby of mine for the past three months. Although it was conceived long ago, sometimes it’s easy to plan and dream than to create, nourish and grow. Other times, it’s easier to be pure and full of ideals than to be wary of other people’s intentions and to carry a stick for defending yourself.

In the long run, it’s better to squash the bugs before they become roadside monsters that demand your unwilling contribution each time passers-by want to reach your entertainment establishment.

In just 90 days, has achieved a Google PR3, an Alexa rating of about 43,000 and a followship that despises regurgitated news. is offering the option to its readership to expand their minds, to remove their blinders and to read between the lines of the domain industry.

DomainGang LLC will be present in both TRAFFIC Las Vegas and DomainFest, in different formats. To those that are willing to see what DomainGang does, what it offers currently and what the future beholds for the domain business – see you there.

Just remember: the gloves are off.


  1. Actually it’s better to ignore. Fighting everyone takes away the energy needed for more positive things. If you ever need a guest writer, hit me with an email

  2. Shane, very true. Often though that is not enough. Protecting one’s own from predators takes an amount of force that might seem unnecessary in times of peace. But you know how the saying goes, all’s fair in love and war.

  3. Undergraduate says

    Just upgrade to Boxing Gloves. 😀

  4. Gwan the Irish ;D

  5. what kind of dancers do they have at Disney restaurants? maybe the next Britney Spears?

    and here here on the regurgitated news. I get tired of hearing about the $100,000 cupcake and themagicbulletsystem for days on end

  6. oops. snafu’d on the link there

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