Ten years later : How “Friday Funnies” became DomainGang

Keeping a personal blog for a decade is easy, one can write whenever they have the time, or the inspiration - or the need to share something with the public. Doing the same for an industry publication that provides content daily with very few exceptions, requires an enormous commitment. It's no … [Read more...]

The single most important WordPress plugin you will ever need

When I sent my first email while in college in the late 80's, we didn't even call them such. They were "network messages"; few of us had access to the gateway that would send these messages outside of the local network and into the wild unknown. In fact, there was nothing of interest out there, … [Read more...]

Experian: Using Parody and Humor to Promote Credit Education

I'm a big fan of Pauly Shore. From the era of MTV to Encino Man, Son in Law, In the Army Now to Jury Duty and the mega-flop Bio-Dome, Pauly Shore often appeared next to other up and coming Hollywood comedians. The 40-something comedian's career abruptly stalled in the mid 90's. The … [Read more...]

The gloves are off

Yesterday I went to Raglan Road, a posh Irish pub in the Downtown Disney area. The temperature outside hovered just above the freezing point; it was the first time ever that I didn't feel out of place wearing a hat and gloves in Florida. Inside the restaurant, the beautiful dancer occupied most … [Read more...]