The single Most Important asset of Sedo

I’ve been using the Sedo platform for six years; during those six years I’ve watched the company grow both for itself and for me.

Some of the initial heat that I gave Sedo was justified during its time, but after attending the SedoPRO conference one thing became obvious: the single most important asset of Sedo is its people.

It’s easy to raise one’s tone through emails, or to get frustrated over delays and share that frustration during a phonecall.

What is not easy, is understanding that the human network of a corporation deserves a human approach as well.

The SedoPRO conference in Boston was fantastic, not because of the drinks we had – and I had many – not because of the tour on the river, the scrumptious food or the brainstorming conference discussions – and there were plenty of each during those two days.

I went to Boston wanting to bridge the impersonal gap that after six years of utilizing the services of a company felt so abnormal to behold. In time, there is a need for all humans to stop sending out smoke signals and instead meet eachother down the valley or up the hill.

The Sedo staff, from support personnel and account managers all the way to the top are a group of highly energized, intelligent individuals. The US and European core teams work together daily to achieve corporate success through the success of their clients, which include me. They are friendly, understanding, patient and open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I’m well aware of the fact that in the past I also gave them the occasional lashing or two; but I also praised every single instance of excelling well beyond the completion point.

This post is not about documenting what was discussed; I will simply say that the SedoPRO conference was very focused and productive. Meeting other domainers, customers of Sedo was the cherry on the pie; we all share the same aspirations: to increase revenue and to make more sales.

The SedoPRO conference was an opportunity to see these people collectively at work, to witness the beehive at production time. And my time, as much as it was productive it was also fun and entertaining to spend together with a group of domainers and Sedo staff that share the same industry with me.

A big thank you goes out to Sedo for showing me that they are indeed the industry leader; having worked for highly productive, ultra-corporate companies I must say I am envious of the ultra-casual Sedo dress code. 😀 But they deserve to wear whatever they feel comfortable in and focus on their work, which they do love and are proud of.

And that’s a sign of a healthy company, when its people are truly happy doing their job.


  1. Great Seeing you Theo, I had a blast.

    Stay in touch.

  2. Their 2nd most important asset might be the domain name, which is set to expire on Friday. They might want to renew it…..

  3. hey Steve – it was a pleasure finally meeting you. All I’ll say is that you belong to a domainer class of your very own 😀

    George – oops! 😀 I’m sure they will find out sooner or later. Thanks for point it out.

    Another tidbit: Jeremiah Johnston is the only person who pronounces the company name as “Seh-doh” and not as “See-doh”. Company confidential, no more 😀

  4. @George Kirikos,
    just check the whois data, is registered until 10-Sep-2010
    i think the domain is auto renew anyway.

  5. Hey Theo,

    Great to meet the man behind the eyeball 🙂

    I agree. Great SedoPro event and great people.

  6. “…the domain name, which is set to expire on Friday. They might want to renew it”

    Hey, no fair.

    I had that on backorder.


  7. A nice endorsement Theo. I’ve bought/sold more domains through Sedo than any other platform and have never had a problem. Enthusiastic, supportive staff are hard to come by … so Sedo must be running things well from top to bottom.

  8. >>Their 2nd most important asset might be the domain name, which is set to expire on Friday<<

    Wrote to them with an offer for the domain, they responded with a counter-offer 10,000 times my offer, so I asked them: "Please justify your asking price."

  9. Hi Theo. It was great to finally meet you in person. Thank you for the very nice feedback. The event was a great success because of you and our other clients that joined us to collaborate and discuss so we can all work to become better. Thank you!! And yes, we too laugh about Jeremiah’s pronunciation of Sedo. Although, he is the only one in the US office to pronounce it correctly, as they do in Germany. 😉

  10. Hi Theo,

    Thanks so much for the nice post! I had mentioned the domain’s expiry date to our admin already. The domain is on auto-renew, it should not expire… 😉

  11. Jasou Theo,

    xarika pou se gnorisa ke se efxaristo gia ta kala su logia! 🙂

  12. Many thanks to all the great people of Sedo that I had the pleasure of meeting in Boston. A special greeting to the fellow domainers that I had the opportunity to meet as well. It was a fantastic event, successful in every way.

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