Sedo and Who’s telling porkies about parking?

A few days ago I let one of my domains - - cross its expiration date. The domain is with and I simply "ignored" the reminders on a busy week. While in the process of renewing it, I noticed that the domain was displaying a standard Sedo ad page, with the minimal, greenish text … [Read more...]

Being the Technical Assistant at Sedo

Since Sedo implemented their transfer center for domain transactions, things have improved tremendously. No longer dependent on email and the security issues that they entail, the transfer center offers a direct and up to date line of communication between the buyer, the seller and the Sedo … [Read more...]

The single Most Important asset of Sedo

I've been using the Sedo platform for six years; during those six years I've watched the company grow both for itself and for me. Some of the initial heat that I gave Sedo was justified during its time, but after attending the SedoPRO conference one thing became obvious: the single most important … [Read more...]

A Triad of Circumstances: When Corporations Don’t do their job

Quite often, I wonder if my definition of quality customer service is too demanding but the answer comes back as a flat "no". Having used the services of many companies over the years - from retail to banks - I can honestly say that I'm just an average Joe with regards to what I expect from their … [Read more...]

When it comes to customer service, Sedo is top notch

In the past, I've been critical to the point of harshness with Sedo. The multi-national corporation that monetizes and auctions domains is definitely a major player in the domain industry; an industry still in early infancy. With that in mind, when things go wrong I often go off on a "rant" to … [Read more...]