Theo Develegas & Konstantinos Zournas : Our NamesCon 2017 interview by NamePros

I had the honor to be interviewed along with my good friend, Konstantinos Zournas, during NamesCon 2017.

NamePros did an excellent job producing and editing a 35 minute video, down from more than an hour-long interview. Kevin Fink did a great job asking questions, the most important part of an interview, and we had a fun time with some bloopers to spare.

Theo Develegas and Konstantinos Zournas

It’s strange realizing that a full year has passed by, and I appreciate the time I spent then, meeting friends, colleagues and other professionals from a variety of industries, at NamesCon.

Konstantinos is a veteran domain investor from Greece, as I am. Greek domainers are a rare species, belonging to a small group of investors; we don’t have the luxury of meeting often enough, and I’m glad I got to meet Konstantinos once again at NamesCon, every year since the event began.

This year I won’t be attending NamesCon, but I’m certain that it will outshine all previous years. The folks that run the conference are smart, energetic and hard working. I will miss seeing everyone, and will miss experiencing the fun atmosphere and creative energy generated by other professionals.

WaterNight 2018 should be a fun dinner and gala party that will energize people, and will once again get people motivated to donate to a great cause.

A big thank you to Kevin Fink for doing a superb job, and to Edward Zeiden and Eric Lyon of NamePros, two great guys that work hard to produce fun stuff that we will see years from now, and hopefully still laugh with. 😀

To everyone going to NamesCon 2018, have a great time!

~ Theo Develegas / Acroplex LLC.


  1. It was nice to watch Theo and Konstantinos and find out more about the folks behind the domain blogs I often visit.

  2. Matt – Thank you, glad you enjoyed the interview.

  3. Good job gang

  4. Rod – Muchas gracias amigo.

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