Tia Wood’s article on Lead Capture

Developer Tia Wood is one of the few true developers with a focus on the domain industry. She’s hard working and possesses great development and programming skills.

While some domainers call ‘development‘ the mere installation of WordPress with cosmetic changes of a WP theme, Tia Wood actually churns out some serious PHP code and database development.

In today’s blog post, Tia Wood wrote an elaborate description of what constitutes effective lead capture on web sites under development.

I’d like to commend Tia Wood on her development work, an example of which can be seen at Milonga.com – a web site that runs a database-driven lead capture system that she programmed.



  1. Tia is working on a site for me, and I really cant wait until it’s complete.

    here prices are great and she gets things done right the first time around.

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