Tia Wood’s article on Lead Capture

Developer Tia Wood is one of the few true developers with a focus on the domain industry. She's hard working and possesses great development and programming skills. While some domainers call 'development' the mere installation of WordPress with cosmetic changes of a WP theme, Tia Wood actually … [Read more...]

Domainers do have an option – will it be minisite or full-fledged web development?

It's really a shame seeing AEIOU.com pull out of the minisite business, simply because it appeared that the company - led by Rick Latona - had a streamlined process in place and many satisfied customers. The truth is, Rick's statement that "there is no money in web design" is incorrect. The … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: My Domain Revenue in Ruins

Revenue is severely down across the domain parking industry, as PPC companies slowly but surely pass the "benefits" of trickle-down economics to the domainers. Meanwhile, the main advertising providers, Google and Yahoo post record revenue while they're reducing ad revenue paid to domain holders. … [Read more...]

To boldly go where no domainer has gone before!

I admit it, I am a Star Trek fan. I discovered the series in the late 70's, long after Space 1999 and right after the success of Star Wars. I'd rush home from school and I'd turn on the TV to watch - in glorious black and white - the adventures of Starship Enterprise and its brave crew. What set … [Read more...]