‘Tis the season to reprice your domain names

Happy holidays. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and while you allow the spirit of Christmas empower you, it’s your own initiative that will carry you into the new year, 2020.

In this time and era, domain names are increasingly establishing an indisputable role in how they shape brands.

About time too. When I began my journey as a domain investor, it was fun checking out domains via the InterNic WHOIS tool, and almost 75% of the time, these queries resulted in domain availability. More than 20 years later, good luck with that.

The holiday season is time for introspection, and it’s the right time to reprice your domain names. Assuming you went through the weed and feed process earlier on, it’s time to jack up the prices.

That’s right.

Repricing means increasing the asking price, not offering discounts. Lowering your prices at the end of the year means that you are devaluing your inventory as the year ends, hoping for some random business to bite on a discounted sale. That’s not happening.

Businesses spend most of their money at the beginning of the fiscal year, being less active in the middle and at the end. There are exceptions, of course: if you allow your prices to hit rock bottom, you just might get a sale. Congratulations, you’ve just left a ton of money on the table!

So no, holidays is when you give your domain portfolio a makeover, retaining or increasing the price of domains – or the terms that you’re willing to sell them at. You can renegotiate old inquiries, and offer payment plans, or a bulk deal, even hint that prices are going up. The buyer might end up paying way much more once the year changes.

Enjoy the holidays, and may you be healthy, prosperous, and successful.

Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer on Unsplash

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