Trader feedback : Important feature of domain marketplaces

One thing I miss from the days of using Sedo to sell domains, is their trader feedback indicators.

While not perfect, the Sedo method of displaying a potential buyer’s activity status helped a lot with determining their “worthiness.”

To a degree, the Sedo system makes up for the lack of important intel related to the buyer, who is more or less anonymous. As these days I only buy domains through Sedo, I’m not directly affected by this.

Naturally, there are several other domain marketplaces that would benefit from the implementation of trader feedback.

GoDaddy Auctions is an anonymous venue, where bidders don’t even use aliases. NameJet uses aliases, but no trader feedback. Afternic uses aliases but no trader feedback is displayed to a potential buyer. Flippa uses both aliases and real names, and an extensive trader feedback system – the best, in my opinion, among all domain selling venues.

Trader feedback values should reflect both the total number of sales and acquisitions, extrapolated for the actual dollar value. This way, many small purchases or sales would rank differently than few large transactions.

Overall, the domain aftermarket should reward repeat transactors, or at least identify their ability to complete domain sales and acquisitions successfully.

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