Uniregistry Market queries : Still not a chatroom, bro

Almost year ago, I wrote about a pet peeve of mine regarding a Uniregistry Market function.

The ability to communicate with potential buyers using either the desktop system, or the app, is invaluable.

This back and forth communication is often perceived by the other party as a live chatroom, however.

Unfortunately, nine months later there has been no change in the dialogue prompts, to indicate just that. Quite often, I receive an onslaught of messages, telling me that the person on the other end believes that this is a live conversation.

An example can be seen below; I’ve recreated it for demonstration purposes.

As I don’t respond in real time for various reasons, this can become frustrating. I take time to research my buyer, as they share more information and if I wanted to contact them “in real time,” I’d rather pick up the phone.

I’m sure that it’s a minor fix for the Uniregistry Market to implement, as the domain selling platform has matured for domain investors. Logan Flatt, in particular, has some great sales to share.

In a related note, I’ve completed the transfer of my remaining domain names away from GoDaddy and other, secondary registrars, using Uniregistry as my main domain registrar. I’ve very few domains with eNom, mostly because their bulk transfer system is a pain in the butt, and I transfer out domains when they are about to expire.

Domain consolidation is important in this time and age, and Uniregistry provides me with the tools and extensive back-end system to manage my domain portfolio.

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