Very pleased with and

As an impulse domain buyer, when I saw the domain listed for sale on the timeline I clicked on it.

The domain was being offered on with as the escrow – another pair of great services by French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo.

In June I sold on Sedo for $4,500 and in my opinion is by far superior.

Because I used the “Buy Now” option on I was also rewarded with 5% of the sale price, credited to my eCOP account.

The process of paying and receiving the domain has been automated very much since my first purchase of a domain at several months ago. With the introduction of eCOP, there is now a comprehensive messaging system in place, with email notifications as well.

The only “complaint” would be that in the messaging system, the messages arrive in a condensed format and one needs to click on the image of an envelope to expand them. They appeared to be empty to me until I hovered over the envelope. I would suggest to Francois to add a “Click me” line of text for numskulls like me 🙂

I will be using and again in the future. Great service, Francois! 😀


  1. Slowly but trying each day our services be better, this is why much more improvements are still coming.

    Thanks for the suggestion and unexpected kind post.

  2. Francois, you’re welcome. Very nicely done, I am definitely impressed.

  3. I love using Cax and suggest that you get the $50 yearly plan with Francois. I used the basic plan for 2 years without any luck. Once I upgraded I started getting more action. I moved 4 names in 2 months there which is good for me.

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