You are a Domain Redneck if …

Perhaps I have high expectations from people; I engage in communications with a polite, friendly tone. When someone makes several attempts to get in touch, I assume they are looking for dialogue, not mud-wrestling.

Alas, this is often quite far from the truth.

Yesterday, I received a call from the owner of a .us domain – he runs a business in the Midwest and I happen to own the .com. It’s a two word compound that is also a generic term for the industry it represents. Like saying “blue chip”.

The first sign of a buyer with no manners: he called, my answering machine picked up and he left no message.

I called back, spoke to his secretary, left my name and phone number and the reason I called as he was in a meeting.

Today, he called back while I was out for errands. Again, he left no message on the answering machine, he simply hang up.

So I called back and he sounds flabbergasted that the domain is owned by me and not some other company by that name (that company went bankrupt 7 years ago and let the domain expire).

Now, when I communicate directly I am giving the other party the opportunity to place an offer, after it’s made clear to them that the domain in question is lawfully my asset. This time, it was obvious I am dealing with a person that has no idea about domain pricing; to keep it short I gave him a low $x,xxx number.

Not interested! came the answer, and before I could thank him for his time and wish him best of luck with his business, the guy hang up on me!

What a shame this same individual worked for a large bank in the past and is also praised among his peers as an excellent business man and golfer.

Out of spite, I decided to give the .net owners that compete in the same business a chance to own the domain – at a price lower than what I offered to this domain redneck – if they talk nice to me on the phone.

As for our domain redneck, he’s clearly not in touch with his line of business at all.


  1. I am not surprised though, I used to bartend at Fisher Island and I met a lot of those type businessmen. Some had absolutely no social graces, were uncouth and illiterate and knew absolutely nothing outside their very narrow limited circle of interest or business. They literally are human insects as they have evolved to only do one thing well. If it was not for their business acumen and wealth they would be on the low rung of humanity as they contribute very little to the betterment of civilization.

    Others were quite cultured and well mannered and great philanthropists, still you have to wonder how people like the former get along in the world and how they have even made it so far in the business world?

    This to me is baffling, or could it just be a form of selective evolution?


  2. Dean – I don’t expect anything too complex; just a courtesy response even if it’s an emphatic no. To hang up in my face, after playing phonetag for 2 days shows that lack of manners is projecting other personality flaws. Although I was tempted to call back and tell his very polite assistant what a dick of a boss she has, I’m sure she already knows πŸ˜€

  3. Many individuals including myself don’t like leaving a message on an answering machine when trying to contact someone they don’t know personally. Of course, after a few calls, you may do so but on the first call I would probably just try to call back at a later time. On the other hand, hanging up in someone’s face because they don’t like your price is not courteous. One could simply respond, “Thanks for your time but that is a bit more than I was looking to pay. Best of luck, have a nice day, etc…”

  4. Leonard – I understand the so-called phobia of machines. However, if one gets “surprised” by an answering machine while they expected a person to pick it up, then I’m sure the second time around they are much less prone to hang up. But I agree, the last straw is showing outright disrespect to the stranger on the other end of the line – the very person you called in the first place!

  5. You might be a redneck if you still have a answering machine πŸ™‚

  6. Interesting article. Given that he is a businessman and had some time to think about the domain name, I’m surprised he didn’t at least toss you a counter-offer, or perhaps do some research and justify a lower price.

    Human beings can respond in so many ways. I gather that he wants the name and is frustrated for any of a variety of reasons. He may not have the asking amount, but it also sounds like he sees any non-direct competitor as unworthy to hold a name in his industry.

  7. Top four Country & Western song titles of all time:

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    Geez, I must have a lot of time on my hands.


  8. Shane – Usually my cat answers the phone πŸ˜€

    Perchboy – I think you nailed it, my moment of “shock” was expecting someone who runs a business to keep a positive attitude versus hanging up like he did. After all, as I said, he initiated contact.

    Dean – Hilarious!

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